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Aside from live coverage of fixtures, video tells deeper stories about athletes, clubs and institutions. Digging beneath the results and statistics to reveal human stories is what engages fans and enables powerful brand alignment for sponsors. This rich storytelling can be embedded into any sporting video - match highlights, commercial branded content, player and club feature content, and even live event streaming. 

Sport highlight videos tell a deliberate story and alternative angle of an event. Capturing in specific formats make highlights perfect for distribution across a wide range of platforms. Same-day highlights enable you to share with your audience when the content is still hot.

Long-form event capture is great to generate that live buzz, and also a resourceful tool for athletes to watch back and assess performance. With this, video is playing an increasingly important role in developing talent in all forms of sports. 

Here are just a few examples of how feature video can be used at sporting events:

- Full game live/replay
- Event highlights
- Performance analysis
- Sporting portfolios
- Bitesize, shareable social media content
- Athlete, coach and fan interviews
- Sponsorship branded content

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“Having video analysis can give the rider the opportunity to see where they think they can be faster and add extra pedals.

I was really impressed with the angles & product we got out of the start videos. Body positioning plays a vital role and is clearly visible on the videos.

Corner videos were great, you could clearly see the positioning of the rider on the bike, pedal positioning, the place the rider takes the corner...I was really impressed with these & they would be a massive benefit to everyone.

As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of this video analysis”

Ryan Stack

10x British BMX Champion & Professional Coach

People we have worked with

Virgin Atlantic Attitude Awards Event Coverage

InspoHub provided live event coverage and highlights for the star-studded 2023 Attitude Awards, hosted at the Roundhouse, London

Brilliant Noise Webinar Series

Brilliant Noise brought InspoHub onboard to level up their webinar offering, transforming it from an online Zoom call to a broadcast-standard output.

Games Global Event Coverage, Girona

InspoHub provided rapid, same-day video and photography services for Games Global's client event in Girona, Spain.

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