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There are many benefits to using video analysis in sport, both from a coach’s perspective and that of an aspiring athlete.

Video analysis can be (and perhaps should be) an accessible resource in an individual’s journey to becoming a better or even elite sportsperson. This is a step that can help facilitate the progression of talent at any age or level.

There are many ways in which video can capture individual gameplay, including recording of competitive fixtures, training and 1-2-1 sessions. Each format can also be tailored to focus on specific areas of performance.

InspoHub is well versed in the world of live sports coverage. Football, rugby, sailing, motorsport, BMX, equestrian, E-Sport - you name it, we’ve covered it!

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“Having video analysis can give the rider the opportunity to see where they think they can be faster and add extra pedals.

I was really impressed with the angles & product we got out of the start videos. Body positioning plays a vital role and is clearly visible on the videos.

Corner videos were great, you could clearly see the positioning of the rider on the bike, pedal positioning, the place the rider takes the corner...I was really impressed with these & they would be a massive benefit to everyone.

As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of this video analysis”

Ryan Stack

10x British BMX Champion & Professional Coach

People we have worked with

Exeter Eagles Video Sports Analysis

InspoHub delivered seamless live sports analysis for an Exeter Eagles BMX track day. Live race coverage was replayed for riders to assess technique and improve in upcoming heats.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage Launch Video

Working with Aston Martin to produce, execute and deliver the official launch video for the brand-new Vantage V12.

EZ Cloud Infomercial Video Mini-Series

EZ Cloud wanted to create a short 4-part mini-series that could be used across various platforms in order to inform new and potential clients of their services.

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