The Benefits of Analysing Sports Performance Through Video

April 6, 2022
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Sussex is home to lots of different sporting organisations, teams, and individuals. This applies across a range of levels and age groups, including grassroots all the way up to professional and established clubs.

To reach the top of your game, in addition to hard work, dedication and talent, there also comes facilitation. By this, we mean enablement to access equipment, training facilities and opportunities that are vital to personal development. 

An example of a well-facilitated journey might be:
  1. A 12-year-old girl takes an interest in playing football
  1. Her school runs a football team, which she joins and develops her skills. All kit and equipment is provided by the school, as well as travel to and from matches.
  1. She is asked to try out regionally for a county team. All equipment is provided at no extra cost, as well as travel, accommodation and meals where needed.
  1. She signs for a professional academy. All facilities are free and she is given weekly wages whilst at the club. Development is closely monitored through analysis provided by highly trained coaches.
  1. After several years in the academy, she is offered a professional contract.

The above is an idealistic scenario and one that makes the road to becoming an elite athlete overly simplistic. At no point was there mention of lack of opportunities or funding (third party or personal), no obstacles in race, social class or gender, and there was no specialist training/analysis before reaching academy level.

This article is going to focus on the latter point of accessibility to video analysis, including how it can benefit individuals in sporting development and excellence. 

There is a general perception that video analysis of performance is only relevant at the highest level. In fact, analysis can significantly develop individuals at a grassroots level and upwards.

What is Sports Performance Video Analysis? 

Sports performance can be monitored effectively across all sports with video. Video analysis allows athletes and coaches to watch back key moments of performance, take learnings from what’s on-screen, and develop techniques and approaches for future performance. 

Video analysis is a great way of assisting a coach’s direction. Being able to visualise specific instructions can help sporting individuals speed up their learning process. This method of coaching is widely used across different sports at the highest level. 

Video Analysis can play a defining role in coaching aspiring athletes. Through the provision of accessible video analysis comes facilitation to reach a higher level of performance. 

How Can I Best Analyse Sports Performance?

Video analysis is an effective way of monitoring and coaching both individual and team sports.

Once footage has been captured, isolating key moments in performance where feedback needs to be shared, videos can be integrated into training sessions. 

Here are just a few ways in which you may use video coverage to improve sporting performance:

Football - A wide-angle view of the game can provide insights into player positioning, individual performance and team formational tactics.

BMX - A slo-mo camera can be positioned at the start line, allowing cyclists to watch back their technique and execution at the beginning of a race.

Equestrian - A wide angle of the horse and its rider can help pinpoint areas of improvement, as well as give the rider an alternative perspective on the horse’s performance. 

What are the Benefits of Recording Sports Performance for Analysis

There are many benefits to using video analysis in sport, both from a coach’s perspective and that of an aspiring athlete.

The bottom line is, video analysis can be (and perhaps should be) an accessible resource in an individual’s journey to becoming an elite sportsperson. This is yet another step that can help facilitate the progression of talent at an early age. 

If you’re interested in what video analysis of sports performance can provide in further detail, or if you’d like a free quote on video analysis services, please click here.

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The Benefits of Analysing Sports Performance Through Video

Sussex is home to lots of different sporting organisations, teams, and individuals. This applies across a range of levels and age groups, including grassroots all the way up to professional and established clubs.

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