Celebrating and Supporting Women in Video Production

May 16, 2022
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Last year, our founder, Ekaterina Blake, recorded a podcast episode with Dan Hills from Gusto, exploring gender inequality within the video production industry. This conversation turned out to be incredibly inspiring and eye-opening. That day, Ekaterina and Dan agreed that talking was good but not enough. It was time to act.

Gender inequality and the lack of female talent is a big problem within the video production industry, especially for the male-dominated roles such as DoPs, Editors, Producers, Directors and Business Owners. One (of many) solutions to this problem is to inspire female students to apply for those male-dominated roles by giving them a chance to listen to and speak with inspiring female leaders within the industry. And this is why Gusto.film & InspoHub are teaming up to host a free to attend event at Brighton’s newest Innovation Hub, Plus X, on the 10th of May 2022.

Ekaterina Blake and Dan Hills

Trailblazing Women in Film: Be inspired, Get Connected

The goal of the event is to inspire, empower and connect women of all ages in film to discuss the highs and lows of our industry and speak openly in a safe environment about female-specific challenges faced.

Whilst this is a female filmmakers event, doors are open to all genders as our panels’ stories are for all to hear. If we are to tackle the gender bias in our industry, men as well as women need to be addressing the problems at hand.

Our event guests will have the chance to listen to and speak with inspiring female figures who have first hand experience of navigating the film and commercial world. They'll be chatting about their journeys, their ups and downs and what it means to be a woman in the industry today - sharing tools and insight to help springboard your career.

Plus, we’ll be joined by some of Brighton’s finest creative production companies who’ll be taking part in the networking session that follows our panelists' talks. Giving you a chance to speak to them directly and ask any questions you may have about your next steps into the industry!

This event is free but spaces are limited, so please ensure you register to secure your spot: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/trailblazing-women-in-film-tickets-313640556347

Meet our speakers

Kim French - Head of Marketing, Preen

Kim started her career as a commercial film editor in Toronto, Canada and her editing work consists of adverts for brands including Lynx, Old El Paso and many music videos - a highlight being a music video she cut for R.E.M. Frustrated with the lack of women in post-production motivated her to create Edit Girls, a website giving a platform to celebrate women in post.

Chloe Flexman - Co-founder + Studio Director, Buff Motion

Chloe is one of the co-founders at Buff Motion - a Brighton-based motion design studio making animation for revolutionary brands, agencies and nonprofits. Chloe co-founded the company in 2014 after a career in video production stretching from Runner to Producer, via the Art Department. Chloe's role as Studio Director at Buff focuses on making the studio the best it can be in terms of people, process, work and impact.

Bahar Dopran - Location Sound Recordist

Bahar is a freelance sound recordist working with Soundcatchers. New to the game, Bahar is always up for a challenge! She finds herself on a huge variation of shoots. Shes travelled nationally to work on projects, from hard hitting documentaries, to TV shows, commercials and viral entertainment for branded content, priding herself on being approachable and able to slot comfortably into crews both old and new.

Creds include: Nike, Adidas, BBC

Emma Topping - Executive Producer

Emma Topping is an Executive Producer (Sony’s PETER RABBIT, Netflix’s REDWALL) and an Entertainment Lawyer with nearly 25 years’ experience in the entertainment business. She lectures at Screen Film School Brighton where she co-created and will be leading a new BA (Hons) Film Business & Production Degree. Emma also owns Viv Loves Film: a literary, development and production agency that specialises in book to screen, and stage and video games adaptations and world building film franchises.

Meet our partners

This event is supported by Plus X. Their innovation hubs create workspaces that unlock potential, driving business growth and innovation, community collaboration, and positive social impact. The Plus X formula blends flexible workspaces with a wealth of facilities and support including media studios, prototyping workshops and bio labs. We integrate innovation programmes, start-up accelerators and access to Plus X business growth services from marketing to team talent experts. Book your free trial day here to experience a day in the innovation hub!

Would you like to join our journey and together celebrate and support women in film? Reach out to our Founder, Ekaterina Blake, on socials or via email ekaterina.popova@inspohub.io.

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