Lotus Cars x Connect.Live
Fittipaldi Launch

ABOUT THE project
The Brief
Connect.Live, who executed the AV for the in-person event launch, engaged InspoHub to cover the BTS of the day. This was to capture a flavour of the production value put into the launch by Lotus and Connect.Live, to be delivered in 2 highlights videos. One in portrait and the other in landscape.

The clients wanted to see the ‘before and after’ footage of the spaces being transformed for the event. One main space was the studio, where the initial reveal was held. The second was the on-site gala dinner venue, which saw the Classic Team Lotus building converted into a fine dining experience.

As this launch was time sensitive and needed approval from both sets of clients, turnaround times needed to be quick. Both the event setup and car launch were shot by the InspoHub team across 2 days, with the first edit being delivered within a matter of hours the next day.

Having worked with both Lotus and Connect.Live extensively in the past, the InspoHub team were able to seamlessly integrate into the on-site production. We knew both client’s sets of core values and what we needed to achieve out of the feature, allowing for a smooth shoot and quick turnaround time.
The Solution

To capture the true scale of these builds, InspoHub were asked to shoot up close and personal video and photography. This included handheld, run and gun style content, and even saw the team fly a drone through the dining room full of vintage F1 cars!

The clients wanted us to capture the car reveal, Emerson engaging with those in attendance, the production value of the setup and the people behind it all.
Connect.Live wanted the photography to be used across their website, and the videos to be tailored to relevant social media platforms for optimal engagement.

On site, InspoHub had a streamlined team made up of one photographer and one videographer. This allowed the team to integrate fluidly with no disruption to the running of the wider event, and also kept costs efficient. Once footage and stills were captured, it was all brought back to the InspoHub office for the editor and producer to finalise the deliverables.

The Outcome

Having turned around the videos and photography so quickly, both Lotus and Connect.Live were very pleased with the finished pieces. The project hit and surpassed the brief, with content being shared to various client platforms, importantly, whilst the launch was still fresh and relevant.
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