VisitHealth Infomercial Mini-Series

Why we do what we do

VisitHealth wanted several explainer videos of their services to share with their clients. InspoHub produced, shot and distributed all content on this project for a very happy client.

The Project

The Brief

VisitHealth required video content to answer one of the key questions being asked by potential patients during initial phone enquiry - “what happens during a visit?”

Visits usually last 15-20 minutes, so it required detailed planning with the medical staff to ensure the correct medical parts of the procedure were covered, without the narrative of the video being hindered.

The client also requested product awareness commercials to highlight the difference between hospital- and home-based medical care.

The Solution

Shooting medically accurate content in an engaging and appropriate way was one of the key challenges faced on this production.

Deciding on how to show potentially intimate medical scenes was solved by clever camera angles and subject positioning to ensure the viewer knew what was happening, without having to see unnecessarily graphic action. This also meant that we could use actors instead of patients with actual wounds, making the filming process more efficient and getting on-screen action exactly as we planned. Beyond the medical difficulties, we also knew these would be skippable ads on YouTube, meaning we had to capture attention within the opening seven seconds.

To keep budgets down, filming for each video was completed in just one day (admittedly, a long day).

Filming was shot on a Sony FS7, using a Canon CN7. A 3-metre track was used for the reveals to give a visually interesting shot and add dynamism to wide shots. Although distribution was online, this production was approached like a broadcast TV commercial.

All content was distributed to the VisitHealth social media platforms, including YouTube. In addition to this ad-hoc video project, the client was also a marketing client of InspoHub’s. This meant that the broader distribution strategy and wider business targets were met with extra precision.

The Outcome

The client was thrilled with the content delivered by InspoHub on this production.

You can watch one of the 6 instalments of this infomercial series here!

“InspoHub really blew us away with the explainer videos and YouTube commercials they delivered for us. After a detailed storyboarding process, they came back to us with all the information we needed to give the go-ahead on the project. This was the first time we’d had videos of this standard created for VisitHealth, but the process was seamless from start to finish. Thank you to Ben, Kate and the team for delivering videos that went way beyond our expectations!”

Alexey Sysoev


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