Klaviyo Corporate Event Coverage

Why we do what we do

InspoHub produced high-end, multi-cam event coverage for one of the world’s largest marketing automation companies - Klaviyo.

The Project

Our Approach

At InspoHub, we love working with clients within the creative industry. As a modern and forward-thinking brand, we felt perfectly aligned with Klaviyo when heading into this video project.

The Brief

This project saw us collaborate with Klaviyo to produce event coverage of their Break The Bias event, marking International Women’s Day 2022.

InspoHub was tasked with providing multi-camera coverage of the event, for content to then be distributed by the client as an internal video asset and also to be repurposed for social media. In addition to the 3-camera setup, InspoHub was responsible for editing the footage in post-production, delivering content in both 16:9 and 9:16 formats. We also had creative control over the in-room experience in terms of audience setup and lighting the event.

The Solution

The hybrid presentation was a panel setup, with 1 moderator and 1 guest on set. A further 2 guests joined the discussion remotely. A multi-cam setup was used to capture various angles, and on-site audio mixing was implemented to ensure the best sound quality.

The client wanted the full feature coverage to be delivered in a standard 16:9 format, with the capability to reduce the ratio. In addition to this, InspoHub also delivered content in a 4:5 ratio, better suited for social media distribution. 

This project posed various unforeseen challenges, with last-minute changes to set and guests due to COVID. With a wealth of experience in live and feature video production, InspoHub approach every project with a unique risk-management approach. Using this experience, logistical and creative adaptation on our end meant that the final product was not impacted and still beyond client expectations.

The Finished Project

The client was delighted with the delivered piece, with the content being shared internally and across social media. Take a look at the finished project here.

InspoHub was tasked with providing multi-camera coverage of this event, for content to then be distributed by the client as an internal video asset and also to be repurposed for social media.


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