EZ Cloud Video Mini-Series

Why we do what we do

EZ Cloud wanted to create a short 4-part mini-series that could be used across various platforms in order to inform new and potential clients of their services.

The Project

EZ Cloud Video Mini-Series - Case Study

The beauty of video production is that no two projects are ever the same. Objectives change, styles vary based on branding, and messaging will differ on a client by client basis.

This video project, in collaboration with EZ Cloud, was a prime example of being thrown an all-new objective, with the end goal of delivering an outstanding final product.

As a Sussex-based AP Automation Solution company, EZ Cloud wanted to create a short 4-part mini-series that could be used across various platforms in order to inform new and potential clients of their services.

The Brief

As industry experts, the client wanted to cut through the jargon and deliver an easy to understand video asset that could be used as both a marketing and sales asset. 

We were tasked with the pre-production, filming on the day and post-production for this project. Each video was a talking-heads set up in a studio environment, with additional B-roll captured in and around the Brighton Plus X Innovation Hub. 

We worked closely with the client throughout the pre and post-production timeline, ensuring the client understood our creative approach and giving them the licence to influence the final edit. 

The Finished Project

The client was thrilled with the final project. Close communication throughout meant they were fully integrated into the production, resulting in a final piece that really hit the brief.

Here is an example of one of the four instalments in this mini-series…

“Working with the InspoHub team was flawless from start to finish. They were professional, highly knowledgeable, responsive, and prompt throughout. Our team hired InspoHub for headshots and a Talking Heads video series. Kate, Paul, and Will made us feel comfortable throughout the day. They were patient, had great attention to detail, and offered feedback that enhanced the whole experience. Will be repeat customers, for sure.”

Ciara Parker

EZ Cloud

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