Aston Martin V12 Vantage Launch Video

Why we do what we do

Working with Aston Martin to produce, execute and deliver the official launch video for the brand-new Vantage V12.

The Project

Our second collaborative project with Connect.Live and their client Aston Martin saw InspoHub take creative lead on the V12 Vantage launch video.

Off the back of a very successful live broadcast for the launch of the new DBX 707 earlier in the year, we were asked to lend our creative influence once again to create a feature video to be shared across the client’s website and social media.

The Brief

Having seen the level of video production InposHub delivered in our last collaboration, the client entrusted us to interpret their requirements as storytellers. In doing so, InspoHub had a large influence on the narrative and style of the final production. 

InspoHub was tasked with creating studio-based feature content for the official reveal of the brand-new V12 Vantage. This included pre-production, capturing content on the shoot day and executing the final edit in post production. 

As the shoot was entirely studio-based, we had to create a beautifully stylised video that didn’t look or feel restricted in space or resources. 

The client requested a ‘piece-to-camera’ element to the reveal, with Aston Martin CEO Tobias Moers introducing the vehicle. Beyond that, InspoHub was tasked with capturing high-quality B-roll of the car and engine to fit the pre-defined narrative.

The Solution

This production required some of the highest-spec equipment in the industry. A range of cinematic lenses and rigs were needed to capture the dynamic feel the client was after. To achieve this, we used a jib, track, dolly and slider.

An on-site edit station was set up, meaning that an edit could be developed in a way that allowed the client to regularly touch base and provide feedback. This helped to streamline the shoot, particularly as we only had access to the car for a day with no time for reshoots later.

Style wise, the wider marketing campaign of the V12 Vantage launch carried a theme of crystals. To incorporate this into the video, our DOP decided to mount glass stone to the side of the camera lens. With the studio light hitting the prysm, it generated refracted light that flared across the lens, resulting in a crystal-like theme that ran through the video.

To make the most of the studio setting, we used an LED screen to display any branding or messaging in the background of the video. This was an alternative and higher quality option to overlaying text into the edit during post-production.

The Outcome

The launch video was a huge success across all platforms. Comments from viewers include:

“Probably the coolest car reveal video ever. Y'all did amazing.”
“This was the best car trailer I have ever seen!!!!!!”
“One of the coolest car ads I've seen”

The client was thrilled with the delivered piece, hitting the brief brilliantly. Take a look at the launch video in its entirety here…

We found this to be one of our favourite projects to date. The pressure of delivering such an incredibly high standard of content for a global audience set up an atmosphere that we thrived in. We loved working on this project and we're delighted that the reviews reflect our hard work!


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Aston Martin V12 Vantage Launch Video

Working with Aston Martin to produce, execute and deliver the official launch video for the brand-new Vantage V12.

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