Aston Martin DBX 707 Case Study

Why we do what we do

From concept to execution, InspoHub was entrusted to create a product-defining broadcast that exemplified the Aston Martin brand and a new era in ultra-luxury SUVs.

The Project

As one of the world's most recognisable brands, this car launch had to be a true reflection of Aston Martin’s distinct quality and values. We were tasked with creating a 20-minute broadcast studio-piece, in which Aston Martin could reveal their latest luxury SUV, the DBX 707. 

InspoHub had full creative control over the narrative and stylistic approach for this event. With the client entrusting our expertise in storytelling and content production, long planning sessions in pre-production saw us transform brand requirements into chapters of a much wider narrative.

The launch had to be at a TV standard, taking place in one of London’s most famous television studios. The broadcast had to be integrated with a staged environment, incorporating LED screens, lighting rigs and a multi-cam setup. 

The launch itself featured big names in the automotive world, including Aston Martin Owner Laurence Stroll and CEO Tobias Moers. To add to the long list of talent, the show was presented by Tess Daly.

Ultimately, the client wanted a launch event like nothing Aston Martin had ever created before. Powerful and adrenaline-packed, yet refined and emotive. In essence, a truly unique event to launch an equally unique product.

Our Role

Weeks of brainstorming, collaboration with the client, logistical planning, and budgeting all came into play long before we stepped foot into the London LH2 studio.

Here are just a few of the key components of the launch that were under the direction of InspoHub:

  • Production, direction and broadcast of the live event
  • Building an itinerary for the entire event
  • Liaising with external contractors (rigging, lighting, sound, events teams, etc.) and talent to meet production needs
  • Creation of a stand-alone behind the scenes feature
  • Creation of stand-alone video and photographic content that could be repurposed for in-house marketing 
  • Graphic design of digital assets
  • Front-end research and industry analysis
  • Sourcing additional members of the production team (Camera Ops, DOP, DIT, etc.)

Whilst this is far from all aspects InspoHub assumed responsibility for, this gives a small insight into the sheer scale of the project.

How We Did It

As part of the production, we created a separate BTS feature, providing an unrestricted insight as to how these types of productions are executed. 

To get a true feel for the event and the work put into the launch week, take a look at our BTS case study video here!

The Finished Product

We know as well as anyone that actions speak louder than words. So, without further ado - click here to see the full cut of the Aston Martin DBX 707 launch!

"Our best ever car launch"

Aston Martin

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